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Copyright Policy

Intellectual property disclaimer

All content and graphics related to, provided by, owned by, or otherwise published by Numedal Esport or Skaperiet Rollag, with the exception of logos that link to external third-party sites as a social media link, website link, or is the property of another company or individual, is the exclusive property of Skaperiet Rollag and/or Numedal Esport and is to be used only adhering to this policy. Covered property includes but is not limited to the Numedal Esport logo, in all forms, the Numedal Esport banner, and the Numedal Esport name when used pertaining to the brand of which we are a part and to imply and/or convey the involvementemnt of, and/or relation to Numedal Esport. 

The use of Numedal Esport graphics

Numedal Esport logos are the property of Numedal Esport and Skaperiet Rollag and is not to be used without permission from the stated organizations unless an exception is stated within this policy or another policy that is approved and published by an individual or an individual acting on behalf on an organization, with rights to and ownership of the stated property, that being Numedal Esport and Skaperiet Rollag. 

The stated logos may be used in cases where one are linking to, referring to, or otherwise relating content to Numedal Esport without permission as long as it is not used for another purpose than the one which is is meant for, that being referring to Numedal Esport, and it is used in a respectful manner towards Numedal Esport. Numedal Esport, Skaperiet Rollag, or someone authorized to do so on their behalf, may demand that any third-party remove the logo from any content should they deem it necessary and/or in violation of this policy. When used, logos should always refer to Numedal Esport and/or include a copyright disclaimer "© Numedal Esport". 

Logos and banners used by Numedal Esport for Numedal Esport is the copyright of Numedal Esport with all rights reserved. 

Please contact for questions pertaining to our properties, copyrights, etc.

Last Updated: 17.06.2022

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